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–弗雷德·羅傑斯(Fred Rogers)

Child Abuse Prevention Month is April

Youth and their families continue to face stressors induced by the COVID-19 pandemic as they grapple with the collateral consequences of the coronavirus – school and workplace closures, social isolation, and extensive situational stressors during these prolonged times of uncertainty. The Yolo County CAPC collaborated with school districts and youth service organizations to engage and empower youth to directly inform the process of curating a resource guide. Through a youth survey and focus group, the CAPC found that the primary concerns of youth include loneliness, stress, and anxiety. In response to these concerns, the CAPC has developed guides for youth and their parents/caregivers that provide resources to promote resilience, self-care, and personal growth.






我們知道,在需要社交距離的COVID-19大流行期間,本網站中的某些想法可能並不適用。我們仍然包含了這些想法,因為我們希望在不再存在COVID-19的風險後可以長期使用此網站。有關大流行期間可用資源的更多信息,請訪問Yolo County COVID-19資源列表。

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